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On September 24, Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park was pleased to participate and speak at an online seminar to promote investment in provinces and cities of Vietnam, which organized by the Taiwan-Vietnam Economic Cultural & Educational Development Association (Taiwan-Vietnam Association) in association with the Trade Unions Enterprises in Taiwan under the auspices of the Vietnam Economic and Culture Office in Taipei, together with the Northern Investment Promotion Center - Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment. The conference attracted more than 100 businesses from many different industries.

Speaking at the seminar, Chairman of the Vietnam Economic and Culture Office in Taipei - Nguyen Anh Dung thanked Taiwanese investors for choosing Vietnam as an investment destination in many fields. Although the Covid-19 epidemic affects the world in general and Vietnam in particular, the Vietnamese Government is working on draft strategies to support foreign investors to avoid being affected too much, ensuring maintenance production and business activities.

Although, Vietnam is being affected by the Covid 19 epidemic, according to statistics in the first 8 months of 2021, foreign investment projects under FDI capital still continue to grow. At the same time, the Government of Vietnam also has specific plans in developing high-quality talent. Vietnam has taken a new step in attracting high-tech investors, aiming to build an internationally integrated Vietnam on the basis of high-tech industry.

Chairman of the Taiwan-Vietnam Association Ngo Pham Tran - Vietnamese in Taiwan (China) shared, Vietnam is on the way of development, the good thing is that nearly 2 years ago, the wave of attracting technology investors of Taiwan in Vietnam is very clear. In fact, in July of this year, the Taiwan-Vietnam Association together with the Taiwan Electronics Association helped 18 leading electronics corporations in Taiwan recruit and connect well-trained high-quality talents from Taiwan according to the specialized system of study and practice at enterprises. For Taiwanese enterprises, using this specialized system of talents is the first choice and priority of enterprises, but so far, "supply and demand" has not been enough to meet the needs of investors.

Ms. Ngo Pham Tran hopes that the Government of Vietnam as well as provinces and cities take advantage of opportunities, replicate this training model, and prepare human resources, because this is the key to opening the door to welcome foreign investors to the locality. The Association has accompanied this training program from the very beginning and is ready to support the local governments in the provinces and cities if they want to implement this training model as the model of Dong Thap province.

Source: hcmcpv