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Arakawa Chemical Vietnam’s Completion Ceremony

We had a wonderful celebration for Arakawa Chemical Vietnam on the 9th of September!
Arakawa Chemical Industries Ltd. is a leading Japanese Paper chemical manufacturing company. Paper chemicals are essential for manufacturing books, newspapers, tissues, and other types of paper that are important in our daily lives. Now the world is shifting to use more paper instead of plastic. It shows how much their business has more potential in the future!

Chemical industry is one of the most suitable industries in Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park in terms of the high-quality water and stable power supply and we are blessed by having such an excellent chemical company!

The ceremony was carried out in the Japanese style! We had “Kagami-biraki (the ritual of breaking open sake barrels)”. By opening the lid of sake barrels, people pray for well-being and happiness.

We all wish you great success for you, Arakawa Chemical Vietnam🌸

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