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20 Million Liter Of Fresh Water For People in Tien Giang, Ben Tre

Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park and Thanh Nien Newspaper have combined with Tien Giang, Ben Tre provices to bring 20 million of water for people in saltwater intrusion areas.

Sponsor representatives shared joy with residents of the saltwater intrusion area in Go Cong Dong on the afternoon of March 27th 2020

From the afternoon of March 25, Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park (Ba Ria - Vung Tau), Thanh Nien Newspaper in collaboration with the authorities of Chau Thanh District (Ben Tre) and Go Cong Dong District (Tien Giang) transfered 20 million VND liters of fresh water (up to Ministry of Health standards) for residents affected by saltwater drought.

Residents of Phu Duc Commune, Chau Thanh distric (Ben Tre) received water from the sponsor group

According to statistics, calculations of the two localities above, 20,000 m3 of fresh water will supply enough to all residents of the two districts by the end of April 2020.



As planned, the barges of the sponsor units transporting water from the Water Supply Plant in Ba Ria-Vung Tau and Dong Thap province to anchor, pumping water to the means of transport that the local authorities and people people brought.

20 million liters of fresh water to save people in Ben Tre, Tien Giang is suffering because of the saltwater drought.

In the afternoon of March 27, the first 500 m3 of freshwater barges moving from Ba Ria - Vung Tau province across the East Sea arrived at Vam Lang port (Vam Lang Town, Go Cong Dong District) and started supplying water to the people. At that time, there were more than 10 means of transporting water waiting with the words "Free water for people suffering from natural disasters".

“I was very excited after hearing the radio station of Go Cong Dong district announcing Thanh Nien Newspaper and Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park to support the locality with 10 million liters of fresh water. So I decided to use the money to drive more than 200,000 VND / morning to buy oil for the truck of my nephew and then we came to take water to distribute to people, "the motorbike driver Nguyen Van Quy (56 years old, hamlet , Vam Lang town ) said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quy happily used the motorbike taxi payment in the morning to buy oil for water trucks for people in Go Cong Dong

Journalist traveled on a truck carrying 3 tanks of about 4 m3 of water of Mr. Quy's and his nephew to the area of Hamlet 3, Tan Tay commune, saw dozens of people with 30 liter water containers in hand waiting. After selecting the point with the most people waiting, Mr. Quy's nephew stopped the car to discharge water for them to bring back.

“For the latest more than 2 weeks, just take the effort to bring the drum to the fork and wait for a small truck to bring water. Some days, the fresh water is white, always drinkable, but there are also days when the water is fresh but opaque, so it takes home to settle down, while the bottom is cloudy, wash, the upper part is for cooking, drinking. My family is not difficult but still cannot buy good water at this time, "said Mrs. Doan Thi Lun (65 years old, living in Hamlet 3, Tan Tay Commune).

People in Tan Tay commune, Go Cong Dong district receive free fresh water from a vehicle from the water supply source of the program sponsored by Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Van Soi (Hamlet 3, Tan Tay Commune), stood out to arrange for the people in the hamlet to get water and one day he was always worried about the others so he came home late at night with an unfilled can.

"I also want to take part in carrying fresh water for people, but I cannot afford it, so I feel it is fun to stabilize the order, to make sure every household can get water from charities", Mr. Soi said.

As noted by journalist, in the first 2 days of water supply, there were nearly 20 individuals and organizations accompanying the program to bring fresh water to residents of saltwater intrusion areas in Go Cong Dong district, as well as neighboring districts.

Many organizations and individuals in Go Cong Dong participated in the Water Support Program of Thanh Nien Newspaper, Phu My 3 SIP 


Mr. Duong Van Phuc, Chairman of Chau Thanh District People's Committee (Ben Tre) talked about the solution of receiving and distributing 10 million liters of water from the program: “The district People's Committee has requested a number of units with transport means such as traffic police, Military ... and calling individuals and organizations to participate in transporting water for people at prices of less than VND 100,000 / m3. Chairpersons of People's Committees of communes and towns of Chau Thanh are responsible to monitor the implementation in their respective localities.

Particularly for the elderly, lonely, near-poor and poor households who cannot afford to hire means of transportation and cannot afford to go directly to the place of distribution, the union levels, the women's union and the Armed forces in the district are responsible for transport to their homes.

Police Traffic force of Chau Thanh District (Ben Tre) participated in carrying water from the program to poor people in remote areas of the district

People in Chau Thanh district are very excited. Mr. Tran Van Tri, from Phu Duc commune, said: “This water source is much better than the water I bought from other tank trucks for 250,000 VND / m3. The clear, fresh water is cooler than all the freshwater sources I used in this disaster. "

Mr. Ngo Thanh Quy, Chairman of Phu Duc Commune People's Committee, said that more than 240 hectares of fruit trees of the commune were salted intrusion over 6 %. While residents in the commune did not have enough fresh water for living after Tet holiday.

“The good quality fresh water brought by Thanh Nien Newspaper, Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park has really watered our people in this severe saltwater intrusion drought. We also do not know what to say but thanks, ”Mr. Quy expressed. Mr. Nguyen Phuc Linh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Ben Tre province, highly appreciated the generosity and the quality of water that the program has brought to local people.

“In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Thanh Nien newspaper, Phu My 3 Specialized Industrial Park persisted in supplying fresh water to people suffering from salinity and natural disasters, making the act of generosity even more meaningful! We would like to deeply thank ", Mr. Linh said.

Mr. Linh said that there are still more than 100,000 people in the province, including more than 5,000 poor and near-poor households are still lack of fresh water.

The sponsor's kindness makes the local people very touched and grateful

Because of not being able to rent a tank truck, many people in Phu Duc commune, Chau Thanh district (Ben Tre) transported the water home by themselves with happiness

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