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Phu My 3 Industrial Park Awarded "The Green Industrial Park" Certification

On July 23, under the sponsorship and organizational consultancy of the Vietnam Economic and Trade Consultancy Association (VICETA), Brand Vina Communication Development and Consulting Joint Stock Company and other agencies Hanoi television press organizes the communication program "Building and Developing a National Green Economy in 2022". The program has awarded more than 50 awards to typical entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, products, factories, industrial parks, and medical units which is green - clean - friendly in 2022.

The program is carried out with the purpose of propagating to the whole society to join hands to protect the environment, promoting the environmental protection movement to every organization, individual, unit and business. Also, the program’s purpose is to recognize the great contributions of organizations, units and businesses to sustainable economic development associated with environmental protection.

In addition, the program also has the purpose of strengthening the jobs related to providing information, propaganda, and direction for the community of units, organizations and businesses to follow investment trends and apply high-tech techniques in production activities, build a closed circulation operation process, promote the use of clean energy, renewable energy; reduce emission intensity; greening production; greening lifestyle, demonstrating and enhancing social responsibility. As the result, quality and reputable brands, products and services are produced towards the benefits and health of domestic as well as international customers. The program is organized with the expectation of reducing environmental pollution problems in the process of production and business, and reduce the problem of fake, counterfeit and poor-quality products in Vietnamese market. Consumers will have more signs to recognize what is a good, safe and quality product.

4.0 Industry revolution is currently an inevitable technology trend that Vietnam must aim to keep up with developed countries in the world. To do this, more than ever, we need to encourage the units, organizations, businesses and hospitals that are pioneers in innovation, who can be worthy of being the core force to create sustainable economic and social development.

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of attracting investment in industrial parks (IPs) due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, the Organizer has also reviewed all IPs across the country and selected 10 IPs. such as: Nam Cau Kien IP; Vsip Hai Phong IP; Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc IP; VSIP Nghe An IP; Phu Nghia IP; VSIP Quang Ngai IP; Hoa Binh IP, Phu My 3 Specialized IP… who have well implemented environmental laws, applied advanced waste and wastewater management and treatment processes and social security work in the locality, to granted the "The Green Industrial Park" certification.