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Peaceful and green industrial park

In the early days of July, we had the opportunity to return to visit many industrial zones in the province. From the traditional industrial zones with only greenhouses and dust, now they have been "changed" by straight rows of green trees, bright flower roads combined with synchronous infrastructure systems of mill and factories working day and night.

Green campus with small gardens in Nitori BR-VT Co., Ltd.

On many roads entering industrial zones such as: Dat Do 1, Da Bac, Phu My 1, Phu My 2, Phu My 3, My Xuan A, My Xuan A2, My Xuan B1 Conac Phu My ... many people interested by rows of green nacre trees, pterocarpus macrocarpus running straight on both sides of the road and the median; at the junctions, intersections, and fences, factories are also planted with flowers such as confetti, roses, Bauhinia Variegata L with various colours. The setback area outside the fence of the industrial park is also used to plant a lot of trees to create a green wall to block wind and dust from production activities in the industrial park.

Our first stop was Phu My Fertilizer Plant (Phu My Industrial Park 1), everyone was impressed and delighted with a green and modern working space in the factory premises. A system of green trees surrounds the plant, in which many old trees are preserved, forming important "lungs" that regulate the air and balance the ecological environment. Inside, there is a large park with full facilities such as a multi-purpose sports hall, tennis court, football field. If you do not hear the engine sound coming from the workshops, people will think that they are lost in a certain tourist area (!).

Mr Nguyen Duc Thinh, Head of Safety Department happily said that the factory has an area of 63ha. From the beginning of the operation, the company has focused on the development of green areas. Accordingly, the company spends about 30% of the land area for planting trees and grass. In each factory, warehouse or other area are surrounded by a system of trees. This both reduces the heat for the factory, limits noise and odours. All of these create a fresh, peaceful space, easy to arouse the working spirit.

Although "late birth", Phu My 3 specialized industrial park makes many people desire to come to work or visit once time. Besides industrial items, Phu My 3 Industrial Park also plans a large subdivision to develop into a utility service area to meet the daily needs of officials, employees, engineers, managers, experts. The utility service area includes villas, apartments, hotels, commercial centres, post offices, restaurants,... designed with beautiful landscape and surrounded by sports park (golf course, golf course, etc.) swimming pool, tennis court…), creating a quality living environment. Located in Phu My 3 Industrial Park, Nitori BR-VT Co., Ltd. "scores" with "guests" with beautiful small gardens with fruit trees such as bananas, guava, mango, green grass stretching on all internal routes in the factory.

The campus of Da Bac Industrial Park is no different from the Resort.

Mr. Hatano Yasuyuki, Human Resources Director of Nitori BR-VT Co., Ltd. shared: When building the factory, we made every effort to build the factory as beautiful as a park and modern following to international standards. In the process, we all take into account the landscape design by using trees and grass to cool the air on hot days. All for the purpose of creating a green - clean - beautiful - friendly working environment, close to nature. As a worker working at the mattress production line of Nitori BR-VT Co., Ltd., Ms Nguyen Phuong Linh delightedly said that after every shift, she went to the clean factory campus and looked at the orchards created. Give her a spirit of excitement, help regenerate energy.

From the perspective of investors, many enterprises also believe that the development of green areas in industrial zones has become an inevitable trend of both infrastructure developers and secondary enterprises. Trees not only cleaning the environment, reducing the large amount of CO2 generated from industrial production, contributing to reducing the greenhouse effect and climate change, but also have a positive impact on the psychology of workers.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Triet, Head of the Management Board of Provincial Industrial Parks, said that creating green areas to improve climate and environmental conditions in industrial zones was stipulated in Circular 48/2011/TT-BTNMT of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Specifically, the ratio of the land area for planting trees, flower gardens and lawns within the fence must be at least 10% of the total area of the entire industrial park and industrial complex. Regulation 01/QCVN of the Ministry of Construction also stipulates that the area of green land in the factory premises must be at least 20% of the total construction land. Accordingly, the infrastructure investors of the industrial zones have focused on investing in the development of green areas in the campus, in which some investors have done very well. Some IPs spend 15-20% of the area to cover trees, more than the regulations.





Source: Ba Ria - Vung Tau Newspaper