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Mr. Vu The Phiet - General Director of Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), the project’s investor, said that after 4 months of construction for leveling and drainage and finishing 50 days of launching the emulation on the construction site, Long Thanh International Project Phase 1 has had positive evolution, although in erratic weather condition (rainy season comes earlier than other years, as of early June 2022, there have been 39/114 rainy days).

By June 12, 2022, the total volume of land filling reached 11.5 million m3. Leveling of the entire station core area was completed in May 2022, one month ahead comparing to the schedule.

The passenger station is an important item with a large scale, the most complex technical requirements, the longest design, and construction time, and is in the process of completing 90% of the technical design.

On June 18, 2022, the technical design for the 90% phase of the passenger station will be officially submitted to specialized agencies for appraisal. Therefore, in June and early July 2022, the appraisal of the technical design of the passenger station is the most urgent task at present, according to ACV’s leaders.

Mr. Cao Tien Dung said. Chairman of Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee, the province has handed over nearly 95% of the area of Phase 1 (2.398, 42/2.532 ha), the remaining area is expected to be completed this June. “The provincial leader has directly met each household that did not agree to exchange and have a dialogue to solve difficulties”, Mr. Dung said. The province proposed to build the airport boundary fence as soon as possible to avoid re-encroachment.

According to Minister of Ministry of Transport Nguyen Van The, the leveling item is very important, is the core issue, "if the ground is not completed, other stages will be affected". In the next 10 months, each month ACV needs to achieve 10 million m3 of the mass of leveling per month to ensure the target, which is until July 2023, the leveling will be completed. The Minister said that he sent a Deputy Minister weekly to go to the Long Thanh Airport project site to check and speed up the progress.

Le Van Thanh – Deputy Prime Minister, highly appreciated the efforts of ministries, branches and Dong Nai province over the past time. From the first meeting of the Steering Committee on April 6, 2022 and the site inspection on April 27, 2022, until now, the project implementation results have had many positive changes. The site clearance has positive results, has handed over an additional 200 hectares.