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The number of investment projects in industrial parks exceeded the plan

The information from Ba Ria Vung Tau Industrial Zones Authority stated that from the beginning of this year until now, although the COVID-19 epidemic course is complicated, the number of investment projects in industrial parks is increasing over the proposed plan. According to the plan, provinces sets a target of attracting 30 investment project in 2021; however, 8 months in 2021 even has 39 investment project are recently issue licenses of which 11 FDI projects and 28 domestic project.

Therefore, up to now, there are 498 valid investment projects in industrial park of the province, including 242 domestic projects and 256 FDI projects, of which 322 projects are in operation. The total leased land area is 3,188ha, the occupancy rate of the industrial zone is 54.44%.

Currently, due to the complicated epidemic situation, the whole province is applying distance measures according to Directive 16, so 86/322 projects are temporarily suspended. The remaining projects only maintain production from 30-50% of the enterprise's workforce.


Source: Ba Ria - Vung Tau Newspapers